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Serve Mistress GeorgiaServe Me - If you’re looking to serve a Powerful yet Playful Dominatrix with an understanding of what you really need then do get in touch with Me. Please be advised that the best time to contact Me is during week days. Go to My Contact page for more Information.

Email Distance Training

If you do not serve Me in the flesh, I give you permission to serve Me via EMAIL training.

I offer different email training for different types of slaves. Each instruction is written by Me, personally, to suit your requirements and interests. I also permit online messenger chats with Me, while you are under My instruction.

I, very much, enjoy distance training as it allows Me the freedom to express My kinky imagination! No matter where you are located, you will feel My control and power and find yourself reduced to a very submissive state indeed!

 hope to achieve an integration of fantasy and fetish in a virtual, online world. Let's face it, with the use of the internet, most of us, live in a world driven by technology and modern means of communication. As you will notice, this site not only offers virtual online services, but also the opportunity to visit Me in person.


Make no mistake, I am very real. I am a well known lifestyler and professional Dominatrix and after many years of my involvement in professional BDSM services, as an experienced, Senior Mistress, I believe that it is possible to have enjoyable experiences via email exchange.

Email training over the internet allows us the opportunity to enjoy BDSM in a 'virtual online world' ... and over the years, I most certainly have collected quite a following.

Some of My devoted followers are located in different parts of the world. Others may never visit Me in person for various, different reasons. In any case, for what ever reason you are here ... I encourage you to be adventurous and try email training with Me.

 shall look forward to the opportunity of training you ...


Tribute from £25 per instruction email

1 email each week for 4 weeks / £80

2 emails each week for 4 weeks / £150


                        CHASTITY TRAINING

 Chastity training you will experience what it means to desire release.   I offer a basic Key holding only service where you will be supplied with an open padlock and a sealed key for emergencies only, the duration is your choice, or you can leave it to Me?  But a minimum of 1 month lock-up and a maximum of 30 days.

 Full Chastity Training involves more interaction,  you must write Me your desires and wishes, along with your fantasies and I will tailor the program to suit your needs.  You will be required to keep a diary of your thought and desires which must be submitted upon request.

 All Key holding programmes require the submission of digital photographs to prove your Chaste and your lock-in begins from time the photograph is received. 


                                             Tribute for keyholding

                                              £25 PER WEEK 


             Financial blackmail

Financial Domination is an excellent opportunity for those who may not be ready for physical play. It is a great game for those who enjoy the unexpected, mind games and challenges. However, IT IS NOT a game suitable for those with a fragile mind or suffering mental distress or insecurities.

What is Financial Domination? Many websites offer FD, but few can define the essence and real meaning of FD. Why? FD means different things to different people, there are different implications, and the psychological impact is very different. Within the realms of Financial Domination I choose to amuse myself with 2 merciless areas;

Financial Slavery: because you choose to surrender money to Me voluntarily, and,

Financial Blackmail: because if you don’t, I Will ruin you! (Even though you chose to play)

Honesty & Trust: I do not intend to bankrupt you (unless you want to play that far) We will play to financial limits. I am not looking for credit cards with no limits – PAYG credit cards are a safer method. FD is not about bleeding you dry and giving nothing back. It is a game we both play – I take pleasure, you suffer. Simple!

Or do you just want  to spoil your Mistress with gifts or adopt a bill or just be a Money pig?


 real time sessions in My dungeon or domestic setting as as follows


1 hour £130,

2 hours £260

overnight bookings to be booked in advanced email Me your requirements

Forced Bi with a male slave for hour £220

maid training £300 for 3 hrs

There is a 15 minute interview prior to any session starting. Longer sessions are available to regular slaves only.

What Mistress enjoys:

  • All forms of bondage, mild to very restrictive/extreme
  • Confinement
  • Objectification
  • Hoods/gags etc
  • Breath control/play
  • Suffocation and strangulation
  • knife play
  • fire play
  • cigarette torture
  • tie and tease
  • orgasm control/denial
  • slave training
  • Sensory deprivation
  • Spanking from hand/otk to extreme CP
  • Judicial caning
  • Flogging (therapeutic-severe)
  • Nipple play/torture
  • Chastity
  • CBT (all forms)
  • blackmail
  • wax /ice play
  • maid training
  • Enforced feminisation
  • face slapping
  • outdoor humiliation
  • spitting
  • Anal play/training
  • stapling/cock and ball
  • marks
  • uniforms
  • interrogation scenes
  • pinching
  • foot massage
  • mummification
  • hair pulling
  • Strap-on
    • Electrics / Violet wand
    • Foot/boot worship (bare feet and stocking)
    • Trampling
    • Specific Verbal and physical humiliation/degradation
    • mind games - denial/choices
    • Goddess Champagne - w/sports


    All role-play scenarios (open to suggestions), my favourites include:
    • nurse
    • Interrogation / blackmail
    • Slut / slave training
    • Office bitch


    I am always open to suggestions

    What Mistress DOES NOT offer in any sessions:
    Adult baby - Needle Play - Medical Play - Myself as a submissive - Sexual services of any kind - Complicated rope bondage - No scat play - No Insertions - Roman showers - No animals - Blood play.


    for those who would like to treat Mistress I also entertain days out for meals or shopping trips of course DO NOT FORGET YOUR CREDIT CARD BOYS.

    Public appearances such as fetish events and clubs are always great fun for Me for you its an excellent opportunity for public humiliation and I will also consider suggestions for real time scenarios




            Domination is not prostitution and Domination is what I do best.


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